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Donna's Vacation

Durham, England
Buckingham Palace, London
Stonehenge and Windsor Castle
Just a few pics from the road trip
Ballycastle Northern Ireland and Dunluce Castle
The White Rocks County Antrim No. Ireland
County Antrim Northern Ireland Giant's Causeway
Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge County Antrim No. Ireland
Kilmainham Gaol Dublin, Ireland
MS Friends Page 1
MS Friends Page 2
Edinburgh, Scotland
The Guinness Factory
St. Patrick's Cathedral

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My son Matt, who's living in Dublin, Ireland for a few years, met me on my dream trip to the UK and Ireland in April, 2004. Matt met up with me in Manchester, England. We drove 1,000 miles through England in 3 days. Matt and I took the pictures you are seeing on this homepage. Each stop along the way can be seen in more detail at the English Heritage Organization website.  You can click onto the link for each stop we made on our journey from each page to see more of the history of each stop we made.

I was so very fortunate to meet some MS friends along Matt's and my route. Matt and I enjoyed meeting those we did so much! We met Chris, his Mom Jen and her husband John in Durham for a very nice lunch at their countryclub. We met Claire (CB) and her friend Rob on our way down to London and had a nice dinner with them. We also met up with John (Lynx) and Ginny,also their daughter, at their home for a couple glasses of wine. I would have loved to have met many more JJ"s friends on this trip. It was only possible to meet a few along the route I made for Matt and I.

After our adventure driving for 3 days. Matt flew back to Dublin. I took a train to Edinburgh, Scotland from Manchester. When there, I met up with some of my MS friends for lunch. Angie, Roy, Colin (Smiler) and Debs were there. We had a nice lunch at a Chinese restaurant with a view of the Royal Yacht Brittania. A good time was had by all! I spent 3 days in Edinburgh touring the city.

I then flew to Birmingham, England where my friends Veronica (Ronnie) and Mel, picked me up at the airport. They were gracious to have me stay at their house in Ross on Wye on the Welsh border for a couple of days. It was an absolutely lovely time! I had the opportunity to see the land that their new business venture is being built on. The link to their venture is posted at MS Friends page 1. I'm so excited for them! We had a dinner party at Ikey's sister's house. Ikey's sister Maureen and her husband Dave, live right next door to Ronnie and Mel ! Steve from Holland managed to come also. I will forever be grateful that Steve was able to make the trip. As Ronnie would say. "We grazed and drank". It was really a great couple of days spent with wonderful people.

After my time spent in Ross, I flew to Dublin to meet up with Matt at his place. Matt and I were then again off on another road trip to Northern Ireland. We spent a mostly wet and windy weekend in County Antrim. I'm sure we hit just about every site there was to see in the county. Then it was back to Dublin. Matt returned to work the following day. I toured Dublin.

There are links to websites on each page for more detailed information about where we were and what we saw. Matt took some awesome pictures! Too many to put on this homepage.

Needless to say, after my two week trip, I came home exhausted and fulfilled at having the chance to take this dream trip of mine!! I wanted to share some memories of my trip with family and friends.

You can enlarge the pics by clicking onto them. They will open in a new browser. The links to the websites on each page will also open in a new browser.

I'll be doing updates shortly, hopefully!!